Box Tops for Education

Get going, and collect all the box tops you can!  Remember, 1 box top =  $0.10, so 15 box tops = $1.50.  See how quickly the money can add up!  Churchill has approximately 700 students, so if everyone brings in 10 box tops, we can earn $700!  The 3 students who collect the most box tops will receive an age-appropriate book.  Remember to label the bag or envelope with your child’s name when sending Box Tops to school.

In order to be eligible for the book award, Box Tops must be received by Friday, October 26.  Box tops received after that point will be considered for the winter prizes (and box tops received after the spring deadline will be included in this fall award).  Look for the Box Top label on your favorite products – what an easy way to support the school!

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