Reimbursement & Deposit Forms


A completed DISBURSEMENT REQUEST FORM must be submitted along with receipts in the Treasurer’s mailbox in the school office or dropped off at her house.  Requests for Reimbursement are due no later than 30 days after the close of your event.  Any reimbursements submitted after this time could be denied.  Additionally, receipts are REQUIRED for reimbursement, so be sure to keep them.  If a receipt is not available, please contact the treasurer to understand the best way to proceed.  Please consider sending the treasurer an email to let her know the reimbursement request is in the office to be picked up.  Please allow 2 weeks for reimbursement checks to be mailed to your home.

The Churchill PTA’s fiscal year runs from July 1 – June 30.  All requests for reimbursement MUST be received by June 20th or they will NOT be paid.


If you require a check for a vendor, you must complete a DISBURSEMENT REQUEST FORM and supply the associated invoice and either put in the treasurers mailbox OR drop it off at her house.   Please allow for at least one week for the check to be cut.  If you need it turned around sooner, please contact the treasurer directly to make arrangements.  


Many of our events require to have cash on hand for change, etc.  If you will need petty cash for an event, please complete the DISBURSEMENT REQUEST FORM and send to the treasurer at least 3 banking days in advance to allow time for her to fulfill your request.  Be sure to include the types of bills that you want.  The treasurer will make arrangements to deliver the cash to you in person or have you pick it up at her house.  Then, once the event is over, follow the Deposit procedure below to have any cash deposited back.


A completed REVENUE VOUCHER must be submitted along with checks/cash in a sealed envelope.  Deposits in the amount of $25.00 or less may be placed in the Treasurer’s mailbox in the school office.   For larger deposits, please make arrangements with the treasurer directly to get these to them.  

Any cash deposits exceeding $200 needs to be counted and handed off to the treasurer to be taken to the bank within 48 hours of the event.  Cash should be counted by two people prior to leaving an event and both should sign off on the Revenue Voucher.

Deposit consisting of more than 10 checks need to have an accompanying spreadsheet containing the following information:  Check #, Family Name, Check Amount.




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