Churchill Movers Recess Running Club

Established in 2013, the PE teachers, PTA and administrators have developed and supported a recess running club to provide an organized club for all students to participate during their recess time. This allows students additional exercise throughout the school day in addition to their PE time.  Parent volunteers help manage the course, mark laps, etc. for 1 hour shifts during recess.Students in 1st through 5th grade can participate in the running club. It takes place on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays during the recess time. The fall season “runs” for  4 weeks and the spring season “runs” for 4 weeks. When the students start the running club, the students in grades 1-5 received a running card (blue) that has number on them (miles 1-10). After a student completes a lap a volunteer marks off the students running card. When the student completes 8 laps, the student has completed 1 mile. After each mile, the student reports to the award station for their prize. The prizes vary depending on the mile they complete. When the student completes their first card, they have completed 10 miles. Then the student receives their 20 mile card (yellow card) to complete. Once the student starts the running club, they never have to go back down to 0 miles/laps. Their data is kept and miles are totaled throughout their Churchill years. There is a lot more information we could share with you if you would like.

Volunteers are needed to assist in managing the running club at recess. The PE teacher’s schedule does allow the PE teachers to set up the running club and start the 1-3 grades during the beginning of their recess, but it does not allow the PE teachers to be out there the whole time and does not allow the PE teaches to be out there at all during the 4-5 grades recess time as they are assisting transitioning the lunchroom back into PE class.

Volunteer duties will include:

  • Assisting students with getting their running card from their assigned board.

  • Creating new running cards for students who lost their card or need a new one.

  • Marking off laps on the students running card once they complete a lap.

  • Handing out prizes when the students run special mileages.

  • Assisting the students putting their running card back in the assigned area on their grade level running board.

  • Bring in the Recess Running Flag..

  • Bring in the 5 grade level running boards by placing the boards hallway.

  • Bring in and return the prizes..

The running course will remain up on the field for the entire Fall season. Then it will be stored for the Winter by the PE Teachers. Then the running course will be set up again in the Spring. Volunteers will be trained by the PE teachers.We are willing to meet before the running club starts if necessary.